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Blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted.2

Daily Devotional: Holy Spirit/Holy Souls Gift of the Holy Spirit: Knowledge—the correct estimation of created things and their relative value before God. Proclamation of Faith: “I believe in Jesus Christ.” The Blessed Mother: In imitation of the Blessed Mother, let us look to Jesus as our Good Shepherd. Jesus: In imitation of Jesus, let us imitate His generosity of heart in being merciful to others.
Glorious Characteristic: Integrity—we will retain all the parts of our old bodies, our bodies will be complete. (John 20:24-27) Spiritual Work of Mercy: Comfort the sorrowful. Corporal Work of Mercy: Comfort the imprisoned. Sacrament: Confirmation Commandment:
  1. Honor your father and mother.
Thought for the Day: Adapted from Mother Teresa: Prayer leads to humility, which leads to obedience, which leads to love, which leads to eternal life.

Today’s Reading

Blessed Are those who Mourn, for they shall be comforted

Words of God the Father: A gift for Christmas

December 19, 2003
God the Father Speaks to His Children

”My children, as your Father, I retain a certain amount of authority over you. It is good when you acknowledge this and bow before Me. I do not want souls to bow before Me because they have been forced. I prefer My children to serve Me from motives of love and loyalty. Loyalty to God is something that has fallen by the wayside in your world. I gaze upon My creatures, looking for faces that look up to Me in love, and I find so few in this time. Many of you have been caught up in the noise of your current world. I do not speak of the natural noises of wind through trees, water from streams, lakes, and oceans, and the noises of animals as they serve their God in all their busyness. I speak of the artificial noise that you surround yourself with, in an effort to feel safe. Sit in silence, please. Remove this clamor from your life. I say this with all authority and understanding of the needs of the creatures I have created. Your spirits suffocate under the attack of all of this noise. In silence comes peace, the peace within which I would speak to you. Dearest little ones, destined for heaven, you will not know how to conduct yourselves in the next world with its beautiful quiet. There will be sounds in heaven, but beautiful, organized sounds, destined to bring joy to the spirits of My little ones. How you will weep for joy at the sound of the angels as they combine their voices to praise Me and entertain the saints. And you will all be saints, dear ones, if you listen to My voice within you. There are also the beautiful sounds of My creation. Children, if there is a sound that gives you joy,you will experience it in heaven in the most profound way that you can imagine. Indeed, you cannot imagine it, but you can dream about it and every so often I will give you a sample of heavenly sound in your life. Watch for these little experiences, children. You will find them on your earth. Because of your limited vision, which is My will for you at this time, you cannot experience heaven in its fullness. But your God often visits you with a portion of your inheritance. When you experience these things, look to Me in joy and, truly, you will find Me looking back at you in all love and tenderness. Thank Me for these gifts. They are intended to encourage you. Children, close your eyes for a moment. Open them. That is how quickly it will seem to you that you and I will meet. Your life is but a blink in time compared to eternity. Will you not give Me the smallest bit of credit? Look up to Me now and tell Me you love Me. Perhaps you are uncomfortable because you do not feel you know Me. I want you to remember that I know you. I have always known you because I created you. I chose to send you to earth now.

I had reasons for My choice of your birth time and those reasons still exist. So serve, little one. Serve. I will reveal Myself to you if you invite Me. Tell Me you would like to know Me better. I will not refuse such a request. You will become My intimate friend if you make such a prayer to Me with your heart. Even if you have the smallest interest in knowing Me, I willcome to you. I love you. I see your soul in all its future beauty. You cannot imagine what you are capable of doing for the heavenly Kingdom if you will allow Me to work through you. In this time of peace,allow Me to put My love in your soul. You will not regret coming to know Me. Such a thing is not possible. You will only thank Me for coming to you. So do not delay, little child. Come to your Father, who wants only your happiness and welfare.”

Thank You, Father!

As given to Anne, a lay apostle Direction for Our Times, 2004, pages 15-17. Volume Three, ““God the Father Speaks to His Children”

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We could find no better way to describe the purpose of Daily Beatitude than the Prologue of the Catechism of the Catholic Church, Paragraph 1:

God, infinitely perfect and blessed in himself, in a plan of sheer goodness freely created man to make him share in his own blessed life. For this reason, at every time and in every place, God draws close to man. He calls man to seek him, to know him, to love him with all his strength. He calls together all men, scattered and divided by sin, into the unity of his family, the Church. To accomplish this, when the fullness of time had come, God sent his Son as Redeemer and Savior. In his Son and through him, he invites men to become, in the Holy Spirit, his adopted children and thus heirs of his blessed life.


We are called to live in beatitude. This contemplation is one designed to help us incorporate the beatitudes into our day. This work is not one of absolutes. It is just one way to incorporate the countenance of Jesus into each day. It is not the only way. View our rationale.

Each day a different beatitude is presented with several points of focus that provide meditation. An additional reading is included daily related to the beatitude or one of the points of focus. All readings are archived for your convenience.