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Blessed are the pure of heart, for they shall see God.6

Daily Devotional: The Passion/The Sacred Heart of Jesus Gift of the Holy Spirit: Understanding—the gift of insight into the spiritual perceptions of the heart. Proclamation of Faith: “I believe in the forgiveness of sins.” The Blessed Mother: In imitation of the Blessed Mother, may we live the Truth in word and deed. Jesus: May we, like Jesus, live in truthfulness, acknowledging God to others in word and deed.
Glorious Characteristic: Clarity—the glory of our souls will be visible in our bodies. We will be beautiful and radiant. (Rev 4:3, I Cor 15:40) Spiritual Work of Mercy: Instruct the uninformed. Corporal Work of Mercy: Clothe the naked. Sacrament: Confession Commandment:
  1. You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor.
Thought for the Day: Jesus: “My Father, if it be possible, let this cup pass from me; nevertheless, not as I will, but as you will.”

Today’s Reading


The way of love is a way of faith, consequently obscure and dark; and herein consists its merit.

We walk in it blindly, not knowing where we are, and whither God is leading us. Reason understands nothing of it; and we must sacrifice it from the beginning to the end. It is but at the end of the way that we shall see the reason of the various paths along which God has made us tread.

When God ordered Abraham to sacrifice his son to him—that child of promise, from whom would one day proceed the Messiah—if Abraham had reasoned upon an order apparently so opposed to the law of nature; if he had sought to compare this command with the predictions which had been made to him; if he had consulted his paternal tenderness; if he had asked God what his child had done to deserve such cruel treatment, and what he himself had done to be made to execute the sentence; his great sacrifice, that sacrifice so glorious to God, so pleasant in his eyes, which he rewarded even in the same hour with the renewal of his oath, and with the assurance of his protection, and of his special blessings, would never have taken place. Abraham would have rendered himself unworthy of the glorious title of Father of the Faithful; he would have left the way of faith, in which he had always walked, he would have fallen short of perfection; and we know not what dire consequences might have arisen from disobedience caused by vain and false, but most seductive reasonings.

Father Jean-Nicolas Grou, S.J. Magnificat March 2015 Vol. 16, No. 13, Pages 395-396

About Us


We could find no better way to describe the purpose of Daily Beatitude than the Prologue of the Catechism of the Catholic Church, Paragraph 1:

God, infinitely perfect and blessed in himself, in a plan of sheer goodness freely created man to make him share in his own blessed life. For this reason, at every time and in every place, God draws close to man. He calls man to seek him, to know him, to love him with all his strength. He calls together all men, scattered and divided by sin, into the unity of his family, the Church. To accomplish this, when the fullness of time had come, God sent his Son as Redeemer and Savior. In his Son and through him, he invites men to become, in the Holy Spirit, his adopted children and thus heirs of his blessed life.


We are called to live in beatitude. This contemplation is one designed to help us incorporate the beatitudes into our day. This work is not one of absolutes. It is just one way to incorporate the countenance of Jesus into each day. It is not the only way. View our rationale.

Each day a different beatitude is presented with several points of focus that provide meditation. An additional reading is included daily related to the beatitude or one of the points of focus. All readings are archived for your convenience.