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Blessed are the merciful, for they shall obtain mercy.5

Daily Devotional: The Holy Eucharist/Priesthood Gift of the Holy Spirit: Counsel—the gift that assists decision making and helps to guard against rashness; as an interior guide, it assists one to counsel others and to extend compassion to them. Proclamation of Faith: “I believe in the Communion of Saints.” The Blessed Mother: In imitation of the Blessed Mother after the passion, may we refrain from judging others. Mary’s example was an encouragement to the apostles. Jesus: In imitation of Jesus, may we treat all those we encounter with kindness.
Glorious Characteristic: Quality—our bodies will be youthful and will retain our original gender. (Practice seeing all as a child of God.) (Rev 1:12-18) Spiritual Work of Mercy: Counsel the doubtful. Corporal Work of Mercy: Bury the dead. Sacrament: Holy Orders Commandment:
  1. You shall not steal.
Thought for the Day: Padre Pio: “Pray, hope and don’t worry.”

Today’s Reading

The Faith that Moved Jarius and the Woman

If a heart is poor in human hope, it will have very little divine hope, even if it is a Christian heart.

The hope by which we hope for fidelity to Jesus Christ gives us—as a compulsory and constant citizen’s duty—the goodness of Jesus Christ, which is the human translation of divine love.

No matter who the neighbor is next to whom we must live, no matter what activities we are involved in, or works or duties we have, they do not allow us to shirk the absolute obligations of goodness. We cannot hope for love without hoping for goodness…

Often, when we speak about Jesus’ heart, we use a vocabulary that we hardly ever use to talk about love, friendship, or affection. Perhaps it is safer to revise our convictions by rereading the words of the Gospel, in order to see and to hear the beating of our Lord’s heart. This heart, which is the raison d’etre of our hope, is a heart overflowing with human hope.

We do not always notice that the Good News of the Gospel constantly crosses the Lord’s lips in words addressed to the human hopes of the human heart. The Lord proclaims the eternal Beatitudes by appealing to those who weep and hope to stop weeping, who hope for peace, who hope for justice, who hope to escape from the extremes of poverty. These are the people he calls to Christian hope.

When we address ourselves to others, The Lord does not ask us to be any less human than he is, to betray human hope any more than he did. He is a God who is faithful to the hearts he created, and their vocation to divine hope is not a betrayal of their human hope. In his school, we learn to place our hearts in listening attention to the hearts of others, in order to hear their whispered hopes. We learn to recognize in these hearts the prefiguration of Christian hope.

Servant of God Madeleine Delbrel Magnificat February 2012 Vol 14, No. 12, Pages 80-81

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We could find no better way to describe the purpose of Daily Beatitude than the Prologue of the Catechism of the Catholic Church, Paragraph 1:

God, infinitely perfect and blessed in himself, in a plan of sheer goodness freely created man to make him share in his own blessed life. For this reason, at every time and in every place, God draws close to man. He calls man to seek him, to know him, to love him with all his strength. He calls together all men, scattered and divided by sin, into the unity of his family, the Church. To accomplish this, when the fullness of time had come, God sent his Son as Redeemer and Savior. In his Son and through him, he invites men to become, in the Holy Spirit, his adopted children and thus heirs of his blessed life.


We are called to live in beatitude. This contemplation is one designed to help us incorporate the beatitudes into our day. This work is not one of absolutes. It is just one way to incorporate the countenance of Jesus into each day. It is not the only way. View our rationale.

Each day a different beatitude is presented with several points of focus that provide meditation. An additional reading is included daily related to the beatitude or one of the points of focus. All readings are archived for your convenience.